this historical moment is critical

I think there’s a leftist assumption that most ordinary people are “not yet part of the audience who would realistically be receptive to us.”
I think this is horseshit, I think it’s a cop-out of facing our current situation:

  1. We have a population whose frustration has reached a fever pitch at the constant downgrading of its economic standard of living.
  2. This population, while angry, has highly mixed consciousness.  It will lash out at any target which someone places in front of it.
  3. Still, the US majority leans toward sympathy for leftism and “socialistic” policies, if not systemic change — but systemic change is increasingly popular too.
  4. Though angry and left-sympathetic, the population is still horribly unorganized.  Action has not matched sentiment because we haven’t built a machine for people to rally around.
  5. The Left might as well seize these awesome opportunities.  American politics is up for the taking for whoever will do it.
  6. If the US population’s mass-anger remains unchanneled by the Left, it can quickly turn reactionary, ranging anywhere in severity from the US 1980s best-case to the German 1930s worst-case.  (I’m thinking 80s.)
  7. Therefore, we can-and-must seize these opportunities to create a nationally-coordinated fightback and a new electoral formation.
  8. We should do these things even if we have to be rushed and artificial about it, and pull them out of our ass.

If a group or person still has low expectations or low ambitions at this juncture, they should be abandoned, ignored, or otherwise bypassed.  Moment-seizers, let’s get together.

7 thoughts on “this historical moment is critical

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  6. Hey there. Love your blogging, still with the group you left, taking your critiques of it to heart.

    > (I’m thinking 80s.)

    I thought I had a coherent thing to say, but it turns out the best I can do is rant. I think you’re okay with that, though.

    One thing about the 80s and the 30s is that we now have both of them as bad examples. Most Americans (I think) think of themselves as hating Nazis and as not racist. Americanism is more an ideology than a nationality. Also, we’re farther away from the period of prosperity for white American workers that was the 40s-60s, so “Morning in America” doesn’t seem like it will fly nearly so well.

    I’m not at all trying to say that reaction can’t come back to America. But it seems like all the ideologies on which it might ride (in America–Europe seems to be another story entirely) have been undermined in some important sense. The potential fascists think of themselves as libertarians. Would they so readily line up behind a great leader? Maybe they don’t need to.

    Anyway, as I said, love your blogging.

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