briefly, the phases of a revolution

People will only be against the system because the system is against them, not because it’s against the polar bears or “the children” (unless it’s their children…maybe).

In fact, the really painful part is that huge majorities of humanity will get repeatedly screwed and stick with their routines anyway.

To provoke a rebellion, the system can’t just screw everyone over; it has to screw everyone over for a prolonged period of time (like since the 1970s, or the dawn of agriculture).  Then within a concentrated period of time, the system has to commit a series of Onion-worthy atrocities and blunders to really bring the bullshit to a special boil (War on Terror/2008 Crash/cutting Social Security).

Then the inevitable mass-backlash (Occupy/whatever’s next) has to undergo a few repetitions of flaring up and then collapsing before the school of hard knocks teaches the movement how to sustain and expand itself through serious organizing, as opposed to campsite communes/four-hour consensus meetings/one big wave of protest followed by nothing.  (<– You are here)

In fact I suspect that even after a few incarnations, the mass movement will still not learn these lessons, unless an internal faction of the movement that possesses military-level coordination joylessly beats the hard truth about how to organize into everyone’s brains, and thereby gains a reputation for being a bunch of assholes.

Then eventually when the movement has actually graduated from crawling to walking, that same internal faction has to stand guard and make sure the whole thing isn’t just diverted into Obama’s re-election campaign.  As critical mass approaches, it also has to vigilantly convince the movement to play chicken and proceed toward a head-on collision with the system instead of wussing out into “respectability,” or whatever cowardice and naivete are being called now.  At some point these things called “workers’ councils” are involved, which you’ve probably never heard of.

Otherwise everything fizzles and after the embers have cooled enough we get another Reagan Revolution.

Reality is a sad place to live, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

2 thoughts on “briefly, the phases of a revolution

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