capturing America’s micro attention span

Leftist organizing is competing with work, commuting, schoolwork, taking care of the kids, the necessary rest and recovery from those, literally every from of entertainment, going to the bar, and watching Game of Thrones.

The proletariat is really hard to impress.  We’re not going to impress it by behaving in the navel-gazing, guilt-tripping, time-wasting ways that the left normally has.  We cannot waste a single instant of people’s twenty-second attention spans.  Sometimes this means skimping on the current specific pet issue of the left and talking about the standard of living (unless, of course, there’s something big going on in the news).

Every breath we spend on something that doesn’t speak directly to their experiences and frustrations is a breath that takes them farther away from us.  The world is full of fools, time-wasters, and dead-ends, and they know it.  Unless you prove otherwise, they’ll safely assume you’re one of those dead-ends.

People are impatient, the world is dynamic, a thing either grows or dies.  If you’re not helping your cause, you’re hurting it.  If you’re not getting people’s interest, you’re actually establishing a negative reputation as out of touch, useless, and boring.  If you’re not on-target, you’re losing people’s attention.  So feel out the people around you, take TWO SECONDS to think of what is directly relevant to them and how you’ll look in saying it, then talk about their issues and NOTHING else.

When in doubt, if you’re trying to get a crowd’s attention, talk about jobs or pay or healthcare or class.

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