astrological map of this revolutionary era

I’m sure a lot of you think I’ve gone off my rocker here (who doesn’t at this point?), but I beg you to keep an open mind.

Remember that a true skeptic at least tries a theory out before dismissing it — just having a prejudice against anything that doesn’t jive with the current scientific community’s consensus is not skepticism, it is pseudo-skepticism.

I read a book called Cosmos and Psyche, which, rather than focusing on the silly personal type of astrology found in the back of newspapers, emphasized the astrology of macro-historical events, and it was mind-blowing.


It has a view of history similar to Marx/Gramsci: there’s an economic base, there’s a political state layer, there’s a cultural-ideological superstructure.  There are periods of war and reaction, periods of revolution, periods of economic buildup.  The perspective was overwhelmingly progressive and socialist uprisings tended to be looked upon positively — 1905, 1917, the complexity of the 1930s, others like 1968, etc.

Every modern period of war and reaction has begun with a Saturn-Pluto alignment of some sort: WWI, WWII, the Cold War, freeze-periods in the Cold War, the depths of the 1980s, 9/11 and the War on Terror.  Practically every revolutionary period that you can think of occurred beneath a Uranus-Pluto.

So what is this?  Determinism?  The author argues against that.  He insists people should still try to influence the world however they want by their own free wills.  He merely introduces a rhythm, a sort of clock that historical actors should be aware of.

(There’s also the objection that “we shouldn’t believe in anything we can’t explain,” but let’s remember that a lot of science merely documents correlations and doesn’t explain them.  Otherwise, be prepared to part with the theory of gravity, which is still just observed and not explained.  “Correlation does not imply causation” but what-goes-up-must-come-down is still good to live by; same with this.)

Now, for the good part:


*The last triple-alignments of Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter were the fateful 1968 and 2011. (2011 also involved Saturn, mixing the uprising with crackdown.) The next Uranus-Jupiter(-Pluto) will be October 2016 to September 2018, centered on 2017.

Pluto is the planet of unleashed force, and the cycle of destructive-creative transformation.  Major historical events tend to occur when Pluto intersects with another major body like Uranus, Saturn, or Jupiter.

Uranus is the planet of progression, rebellion, liberation.

Saturn is the planet of order, structure, and discipline.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, harmony, levity, and prosperity.

Uranus-Pluto alignments involve revolution and mass uprising. The last major one was 1960-1972. Saturn-Pluto alignments correspond with periods of destructive reaction and conservative empowerment, and heralded the beginnings of WWI, WWII, the Cold War and its points of tension, plus 9/11 and start of the War on Terror.

Jupiter-Uranus alignments tend to involve times of scientific discovery, artistic expression, and jubilant social progress.

Uranus-Saturn can involve standoff between reactionary and progressive social forces, or movements which somehow embody both (libertarian conservatism, revolutionary discipline).

So peaks to look out for are 2013-14 and circa 2017. There may be a sharp plunge around 2019-2020, but depending on how things go, this could actually serve as a disciplined consolidation of the revolution rather than as a conservative termination of it.  Or it could be the victory of reaction.

Looking forward to 2017!

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