defecting to sisyphus

I used to say “the only way out is through.”  No more of that.  There are no ways out.  Now there’s only the long, dark night, a time without warmth or comfort.  No light at the end of the tunnel.  With nothing to move toward, we stay warm by burning against.

Sometimes I think no one understands my theory of a hate-driven revolution, but then I see people throwing Thatcher death parties.  Now I feel less alone.


There is a great ladder of religious cruelty, with many rounds; but three of these are the most important. Once on a time men sacrificed human beings to their God, and perhaps just those they loved the best… Then, during the moral epoch of mankind, they sacrificed to their God the strongest instincts they possessed, their “nature”; THIS festal joy shines in the cruel glances of ascetics and “anti-natural” fanatics. Finally, what still remained to be sacrificed? Was it not necessary in the end for men to sacrifice everything comforting, holy, healing, all hope, all faith in hidden harmonies, in future blessedness and justice? Was it not necessary to sacrifice God himself, and out of cruelty to themselves to worship the stone, stupidity, gravity, fate, nothingness? To sacrifice God for nothingness–this paradoxical mystery of the ultimate cruelty has been reserved for the rising generation; we all know something thereof already.


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