intro to “The Fourth Way”

So there’s this thing called “The Fourth Way,” it’s a school of thought that sort of combines existentialism and self-psychiatry with the belief that rather than your self just being the sum-of-your-neurons, it is actually an immaterial (or bizarro-material) soul.

I got it from these psychos and it was particularly beaten into my head by this psycho who had previous dealings with the first psychos but decided to simplify things and zone in on what he found to be the essential method of selfhood, which turned out to be Fourth Way.

Basic idea is, most of the time humanity is asleep.  It’s asleep because our natural state of being is not to be one unified consciousness, but a million little splinter wills and compartmentalized thoughts.  To become a real being with real will, personhood, agency etc, you overcome this state of disarray by finding the “I’s” in you that represent your strongest desires and can form a magnetic center for the other chaotic “I’s.”  It resembles the social process of swarm-formation, with the high-consistency people serving as a rallying point/catalyst for the passionate but directionless thousands.

One more facet of my big goofy sin-thesis.

I lifted all these images from this text, simply titled “The Fourth Way” from one of its two primary authors.  My personal favorites:


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