you will never be famous

Put that in you pipe and smoke it.

What kind of organization would we need to have non-famous people who are historically significant?  Let’s face it, in historic terms you’re going to be at most one of the several million specks in the crowd that overthrows some regime.  But hey, seriously, if the regime gets overthrown, that’s what counts.

You are going to be one member of that crowd.  How do you become more than that?  Well, the short answer is, being the one member of that crowd who is directly or indirectly responsible for getting 100-200 other specks into that crowd.  If you’re really awesome maybe it won’t be just protesters in an organization, but members of a union.  If you really know your shit eventually maybe you can get up to four digits.  How do you do this?

Probably not by starting a band, writing a book, or blowing up a building.  Yeah those happen and are occasionally successful but as with anything, for every one you see, there’s a lot of frustrated, burnt-out attempts you don’t see.

First you have to settle for being the person who can maybe get ten other people out to a demonstration.  Really you might have to start lower, you might have to start with even getting one other person to talk to you at all.

Then as you have a small working crew together, over the duration of a long-term relationship you teach them bit by bit not just to be another attendees, but to be another recruiter/organizer.  This is the stage where a lot of activists are realistically at — convincing their fellow activists to think bigger and organize.

Then you’re going to have to reach another level, which gets tricky.  Instead of just being an organizer-who-convinces-other-passing-attendees-to-be-organizers, you’re going to have to sort of take it up an exponential level.  You’re going to have to convince the other organizers, not just to be organizers, but how to recruit another layer of people beyond them to be organizers-and-not-just-attendees.  This requires you to be not just an organizer, but an organizer-of-organizers-toward-organizing-more-people-into-organizing.

And then beyond that it’s the same sort of thing but keep adding layers.

This may sound unrealistic or lame until you’ve filled buses full of people and taken them to national demonstrations in New York, Washington D.C., etc.  Then it clicks.

You can’t do much all by yourself.  But you can definitely contribute one more hefty shovelful of dirt for capitalism’s living burial.

They add up.


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