socialism/anarchy = direct democracy

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I think spreading the idea of direct democracy is especially critical for radicals, because if we are going to push alternative structures like workers’ self-management, self-governing communities, or nationalized finance/industry (not run by dictators or bureaucrats), we need to first win the argument that (1) we have the technological capability to run direct democracy (2) direct democracy is compatible with human nature.

Now quoting the “about”/”description” at length:

We shouldn’t vote for representatives every few years, we should vote on federal laws every week.
Cut out the bought-off middlemen in Congress, pass whatever we want, make government as democratic as the Internet, DEMOCRATIZE EVERYTHING



The world, especially in the USA, now has the machinery for frequent democratic input from the entire society. This is not just imaginary – we do it every day with the Internet, social media, etc.

Meanwhile, the standard of living is dropping while the Dow Jones soars. The Occupy Wall Street movement has been cleared off the streets by police eviction but the problems that inspired it still remain.

In Congress, of course, half of whom actually *are* members of the 1%, and all of whom are dependent on campaign contributions from wealthy entities, there is no real effort to correct the deep, systemic roots of wealth inequality. They don’t seem to have any keen interest in moving forward on issues which have popular support either, such as universal healthcare, withdrawal from Afghanistan, same-sex marriage, the legalization of marijuana, or doing anything to increase taxes on the rich besides letting the Bush tax cuts expire. In fact, they seem bent on cutting social services which benefit ordinary people and act as wealth redistributors, while the 1% is richer than ever before.

Clearly there needs to be some kind of re-convergence of the people who were pissed off enough to pour into the streets previously. Clearly we need some way to bypass a totally unaccountable Congress and allow people to rule directly. A system of elections every few years with no accountability in between and lots of corporate influence all the while does not deserve to be called a democracy.
Is direct democracy the magic bullet? Not necessarily – public opinion would still be manipulated by the corporate media. But it would definitely allow the pressure of the population to weigh on the system much more heavily. Our voice would be harder to ignore, creating a crisis of trust if the bureaucracies attempted to directly contradict our clearly-stated will. This is not The Answer, but one more tool in our toolbox.

It’s not just government that needs direct democracy. We should DEMOCRATIZE EVERYTHING. Every group, organization, church we belong to should have its decisions subjected to the vote of every member. Democracy won’t be real until it extends into the workplace.

Government still needs far more democracy though. This isn’t just about instituting a formal shell, but about making it real and alive. Where ballot initiatives exist, they can require an absurd amount of signatures and be overly restrictive. We shouldn’t get to vote on a state question every few years, we should get to vote on federal issues every week.

Government should be as democratic as the Internet.

So what is the purpose of this facebook group? It is not an organization. It is a place to spread the idea and exchange information about different models of direct democracy, the history and details of it where it exists, how we will get it, and reasons why we need it.


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