history of the present

I really like the history of the present.  I like talking about the historical events of 2008, 2011, the weird lulls in between like 09/2010 and 12/13.

I like thinking about the 90s and the 2000s and how they became today.  When I reach back for further causality, I really only go as far back as the last great period of rebellion (1960s) and possibly to explain how that one played out, the one before that (1930s).  I look at how the 70s was a period of weak leftism descending, and how the 90s was a sort of mirror image, with anti-capitalist ideas beginning to return but in an extremely cultural, disorganized fashion.  And of course the bitter conservative winter of the 1980s.

But this is a vital and neglected area of history, useful because we’re living in it and can act on it, and forbidden because its very nature requires biased, controversial interpretation.

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