selfish politics is the most attractive

When most people hear political talk, it has to pass the “what’s in it for me?” test.

If there’s not something in it for them, they typically don’t care.

As a leftist, learn to shape your statements towards appealing to people’s pragmatism, their needs — their selfishness.


Don’t hate people for being this way.  It’s just the way the world is (as in, yes, the world is completely evil).

You can hate and fear that truth, or you can use it and win.

The call of justice may gather our little leftist subculture, but it doesn’t work for moving the tremendous majority.

There may be exceptions to this — MLKJr seemed to do a pretty good job using a moral call to action.

But then again, there was a lot of intrinsic motivation, too.  Like blacks themselves suffering under racism, and therefore wanting to fight it.

I too have a dream.  I dream of a world where every single action a person undertakes will arise from their intrinsic motivations.  I want every inch of a person’s life to be freedom.  I don’t want them to get out of bed in the morning because they have to work to survive.  I want them to wake up looking forward to spending their day in precisely the manner they wish to.

Infinite liberation.  All power to the imagination!

So I think we leftists need to keep in mind the attractive power of allowing people to be selfish, to focus on their own wants and desires.

Very often leftists yell about “greed.”  Those greedy bastards!  Corporate greed.

No, I think this is entirely off track.  We should all be greedier.  Everyone should look at their paychecks and feel greed at that moment.  They should thirst, as for blood.  They should want to come down on the necks of their employers for MORE MONEY.

What is the greediest — to want a sizeable chunk of the world, an estate?  Your own little separated-off section?

Or is it perhaps greedier, to want the entire world, and to own it not by partitioning, but to radically share it in a process of co-creation?

Many of us leftists are finger-waggers.  We wag our fingers at people for everything.  We scold.

Where are the people saying we all deserve more?  I want us to be those people.

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