I will follow until I don’t

That title means I have a policy of assumed base-line 100% disloyalty to any organization I may nominally join.

I may support your efforts.  I may do your organizing groundwork even – knock on doors with you, help you hang up flyers, help canvas people to promote a meeting or event, find you a meeting space, give you money, whatever.

Or I might not.

It’s not like I fuse my soul to an organization.  I just assist whichever of its activities I find valuable.  Don’t expect me to show up for whatever you do that I don’t care about.

If I am helping your campaign, I may suddenly withdraw my efforts.  I do not feel obligated to provide a reason why.  (Lately it would be because I had surgery and I’m sick as a dog, but that doesn’t seem to stop these fucking liberal foundation paid organizer types from blowing up my inbox and I can’t even mentally expend the energy to pretend to care.)

It’s possible I just don’t feel like it anymore.  Don’t assume I can even articulate my own thoughts; honestly most people can’t articulate their own thoughts, so it’s foolish to expect clearly-stated reasons for anything from anyone.  Most of real life is things, actions, and events, not the text-life of us intellectual types.

You don’t own me just because I worked with you once.

I think this is often the best and most natural form of decision-making, and let’s face it, it’s the one that really happens.  People vote with their feet.  People jump on the bandwagon.  Later they jump off.  What’s important is the reality of it, not the logic.  That’s the real determining force in revolutionary times – huge amounts of people doing things and changing their allegiances – not necessarily having a clearly spelled-out articulation of why.

Can you attract a large, steady following in a world of disloyal, inconsistent people?

That’s the true test of history.

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