Obama, the anti-Keynesian Democrat

The Loss of Government Jobs is Holding Back the Economy

The Top 10 Things Black America Will Have To Show For 8 Years of President Obama — None of Them Are Good

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#3 is a real killer, everyone thinks he’s pro-education because he’s a Democrat. Nope, more public schools have been closed or privatized under Obama than any US president ever.

Obama is the most miraculous president of history: instead of responding to recession by expanding the public sector, his response inverted Keynes with MORE CUTS, and somehow he retained his giant liberal fan club and had conservatives calling him a socialist.

Is this the Democratic Party we can reclaim, or build a progressive faction inside? I don’t think so — especially when it’s full of people who don’t even have any clue of Obama’s true role.  They are not organized by grassroots upsurge from below, they are organized by what the televisions tell them (which is what the corporations tell them).  When you enter into a party, you also have to take the risk that you will end up losing the primaries and supporting the backward wing’s candidate.  I could fucking NEVER vote for a guy like Obama.

Regardless I think conditions are perfectly ripe for building a ruckus from the outside.

For all you leftist trolls, I know that Keynes is not Marx bla bla bla but here’s the thing, Keynes-type reforms are still something we should support especially in a recessionary context but also in general.


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