Yeah I just made that shit up, but we increasingly need a term for what is becoming a trend!  A “neo-leninist” is:

(1) someone who believes we need a revolutionary socialist party, but that building a broad left party of some type (progressive, labor, socialist) is the best way to achieve this

(2) someone who believes that electoral efforts are a critically important part of socialist strategy (even though elections are ultimately futile), and contributes at least as much time to building the broad party as they contribute to building any more specific leninist group they might belong to

(the above two could be abbreviated as “revolutionary electoralism”)

(3) someone who believes in democratic centralism but questions the way it is currently being applied by most existing socialist groups, and who favors the right of all members of any group to speak and write about disagreements openly instead of keeping them internal, as well as promoting a culture of openness instead of hostility to anyone raising unorthodox ideas

(4) someone who thinks that it’s not necessary for socialist groups to have a full program or take a position on everything, and therefore allows for greater freedom of mind than most groups currently calling themselves “leninist”

Credit where credit is due: broad, open thinkers like SYRIZAPhilly SocialistsNorth Star, the Kasama project, Jacobin mag, Jodi Dean, my homies in the Socialist Convergence Campaign,  and many others I have spoken to over time.  Truly it is becoming a trend!

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