politics is almost incomprehensibly horrible right now

Can I rant for a moment? I am really tired even talking or hearing about mainstream politics right now. They keep playing it up like it’s The Ultimate Showdown Between The Ultimate Enemies (Democrat/Republican). Nowhere is the perspective of taxing the rich or *holy cow the budget could be fixed without slashing social services* anywhere really raised.

And of course the hard Left has little to say besides continual churning of tangential commentary. It’s like everyone wants to write an article just to write one, without seizing The Critical Issue of This Time, or A Strategy of How To Exploit or Fix This.

Furthermore the Left is still trapped within the self-defeating logic of “fighting budget cuts,” and never attempts to GO ON THE OFFENSIVE toward EXPANDING the public sector instead of just defending it. People are bored by pathetic, sectional, defensive fights; they are inspired by broad social visions.

The energy around the government shutdown is at a fever pitch, but I don’t see anything coming out of it. Like really we could be using the rhetoric of the “shutdown” to make the people STEP UP, with the masses saying to the politicians: if you won’t govern, maybe we will.

They’d never pull this shit again.

We should not even be orienting to this giant media spectacle.  People know reality on the ground.   EPI just sent out a reminder that real unemployment is still about 10% (and even that doesn’t reflect the real immiseration).

We should just be putting forward socialism, and pretending all this Congress bullshit doesn’t exist.  Stay the course.  Focus.

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