my top blog posts (imo)

For anyone who gets directed to my site by random stuff, my top political project is CUSP.  Note that the opinions in this blog are just my own, not CUSP’s collectively — especially if I was criticizing something.  CUSP is an actual group of people, not just a site where I post opinions as if I’m an organization.  (I often don’t even do the postings anymore.)

The posts:

the insanity of competing socialists

How will a large socialist party happen?

Constructively resolving the emerging socialist hostility

Diplomacy and bio-psychological infrastructure (humans)

Physically evict the sectarians

my Left Forum 2013 misadventure

Occupy could have endured and expanded

briefly, the phases of a revolution

this historical moment is critical

Area-Based Unionism in the Viral Age

resurrecting uniforms, marching, coordination in the Left

leftist organization and the growth curve

The Dark Side

The Force

Why spirituality often fails

Too much culture

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