the weirdest message we’ve ever gotten

amen ra

Alright, so — I actually have a lot in common with this guy. I put myself out there as an individual and hope that others get down with what I’m advocating, and it feels weirdly like proselytization at times. I’m a socialist. I like Egyptian mythology and even indulge in the idea that at some spiritual level their beliefs were true. We’re both on Facebook under occult-inspired pseudonyms.

It gets creepier. I believe in the social power of prophets and avatars, of embodied divinity as a political weapon! And so does he.  To be clear though, I’m basically talking about Martin Luther King Jr, or Jesus.  As Russel Brand said in Get Him To The Greek, you’re just supposed to let other people suspect you’re the messiah, not say that shit out loud. Otherwise people think you’re a crazy person (bad news, they’re right).

I even go so far as to have a strong preference for bullet-point lists of economic demands as the best way to communicate socialism. Shit, this guy even blends Nietzsche with Marxism in his advocacy of “pay based on might” which has me almost (almost) wanting to send a reply. A mad prophet aspiring pharaoh of Nietzschean socialism, you could write a metal album (not song, album) about this guy. I need to forward this shit to Karl Sanders.

Where we diverge is anti-Semitism, typing in capitals, stream-of-consciousness writing, and thinking anyone cares about us as persons.

I do honestly feel bad about the deportation though. If anyone wants to chip in a buck to get this guy back to Texas let me know.

Beyond that I don’t foresee (and I’m using my fucking occult crystal ball here) much constructive collaboration.


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