how to deal with cops

We the Left are in a bind when it comes to coordinated force. On the one hand, we have individualistic anarchist scuffling, which happens without consulting the rest of the participants, and therefore fails to coordinate the entire weight of the crowd. On the other hand, we have liberal pacifist peace police.

What is missing is a tactically-intelligent, Red effort to convince participants, during the planning stages of a march, that we need a set of guidelines outlining *in which situations* we would want to use force, a response system which allows us to coordinate ourselves into formation when needed, and elected officers for the duration of the march who are empowered to make that call, and give the signal to form up and charge, respond, shift formation, or whatever we need to do.

Above all this needs to be a group decision which attains legitimacy through persuasion and winning a group vote, thereby ensuring that the formations will have the enthusiastic full participation of the march.

see resurrecting, uniforms, marching, coordination on the Left

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