Yeah, this is a real thing and not a joke (though it has a humorous title sure to piss off many purist anarchists).  Get involved on the Facebook page.  Also check out Anarcho-Leninism.

From Wes’ definition:

Anarcho-statists believe in a form of government where politicians are replaced with direct democracy, judges are replaced with juries, and police chiefs are replaced with militias.

The argument is that the original definition of anarchy did not mean “no state” but simply “no rulers.”  The anti-statism of modern anarchists is an obsession that does not fit with the definition.  Given the rise of Nazi-inspired “National Anarchism,” there is obviously more room for complexity than the simple “pro-state/anti-state” litmus test.  Real popular liberation might belong to a new paradigm.

I think this is the new, geeky, trendy, Internet-driven opponent to neoreaction that I’ve been looking for.

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