shut the fuck up about world events

I think the only way I give a flying fuck about global events commentary is if the person writing it is from there, in which case there is a real organic link to the scenario.  It comes with the respect of someone who is invested in what is going on, rather than a detached spin-doctor just trying to figure out how to straitjacket the situation into their pre-established theories.

Otherwise I really do not care to hear you project your party hack dogmas onto the world stage.  Maybe there was some value to such commentary once in the past, but it has been utterly inundated by sectarian horseshit.

If you think people need to agree to your exact positions on distant political actors whom you have no ability to assist nor hinder, you’re not playing to win.  You’re turning politics into Dungeons & Dragons, where you dream up character sheets full of cool little details about your character, except for you it’s your Programme.

Unless you’re protesting your own country’s military intervention, the situation is not relevant to you.  Nobody busy getting shot at wherever is paying any attention to your solidarity rally, and because of its non-resonance with life conditions in the US, your solidarity rally is guaranteed to be too small to register on the radar of American politicians, either.  I know, that hurts to hear, and you probably have to attend anyway because it’s part of your organization’s culture even if it accomplishes nothing and makes no sense at all, so just show up, wave a flag and get it over with.

What the hell has happened to careful, impartial investigation of facts on the ground, and recognition that complex emergent scenarios may evade previous categories?

In fact I sometimes question why it is necessary to talk about world events whatsoever.  Not entirely; it’s good to hear about things that are happening.  But sometimes it falls into the classic Leftist trap of, “Oh, you have to read this!…and this!…and this!…”

The Leftist idea that theory matters often expands into a counter-productive idea that one should attempt to learn everything.  We are not in favor of theory for its own sake.  We employ theory for practice.  And while pure research for its own sake may yield results for practice, we Leftists have a lot to do already.  Time is finite — we need to be doing things where we are, not just learning about other places.

Of course, are the lessons from other places even applicable here?  Are the situations remotely analogous?  Or are you just practicing the typical Leftist compulsion to take a position on absolutely everything?  Just because people are talking about something doesn’t mean you need to make an uninformed, strongly-opinionated status update about it.

Knowing everything will not win the revolution.  Being an encyclopedia will not win the revolution.  Some knowledge, combined with good organizing, but more overlooked, just a good old immersion in human beings and a webwork of relationships, is what will win the revolution.

The only thing I will say about the Indian elections: seems bad.  But continually harping on them only breeds despair.  What are we doing about it?  We’ve got our own pile of shit in the USA.  We can make some critical analysis of how the parties in India are really not up to snuff, and how they should rearrange their shit, but honestly the very same Leftists who might be quick to point out flaws across the Pacific are completely unwilling to reassess and reorganize the Left in the US.  At least in India there are bad parties to point at.  We don’t even have any parties that abuse the name of socialism, let alone honor it!

You would spare yourself so much anxiety if you just kept your nose to the grindstone and focused on helping the Left figure its shit out.

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