sarcasm or just uninformed?

sarcasm or ignorance?

It’s funny how people post this sarcastically. Think about it — a planet is an object of unimaginably tremendous mass. We already know that planets have (1) gravity wells and (2) electro-magnetic fields.

Who’s to say that they don’t have all sorts of other auras and effects at levels we don’t comprehend yet? We live in a universe where particles influence each other at infinite distance and even across time. I find it completely believable, actually mundane, that the positions and angles of the planets could have a tremendous and determinant effect on personality, but more importantly, macro-historical waves of revolution and liberation, war and reaction, invention and enlightenment, and religious movements. Read Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas, it’s like astrology written for historians and marxists.

One thought on “sarcasm or just uninformed?

  1. While what you say is entirely plausible, it’s disingenuous of you to misread people’s (well-supported) contempt for current astrology, and the baseless claims that it makes. If the species has the good fortune to make it through the next couple of centuries, it’s quite likely we’ll discover incredible and paradigm shattering things about our universe. However, up until we can rigorously test and demonstrate said things, they remain the subject of woo. C’mon, man, you’re better than this.

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