“you HAVE to read this”

So this is more targeted at the Leftists who have already familiarized themselves with the basics, and have gotten past the initial reading rush which happens to any newly radicalizing person.  This is for the people who have made a hobby of endless reading, attempt to obligate that hobby of everyone else, and tell themselves they’re politically improving themselves.  They’re not.

Any time a leftist comes up to you drooling saying you HAVE to read something, I am the devil on your shoulder telling you no, you’re probably fine without it, could probably save a few bucks from buying it which could go toward organizing or beer, could probably be just as effective in organizing without it, you could probably talk to people about politics fine without it, in fact you would probably remain more relatable to people by not contaminating your mind with its insular Left/academic inside baseball, could probably spend that time doing something else, and after all no one is compensating you for the unpaid labor time of dragging yourself through another obligatory wall of text.

The Left isn’t made of all college kids and grad students and unemployed people.  People work.  They don’t have time to read.  They’re exhausted.  Their minds are exhausted.  Don’t be one of those annoying people.

2 thoughts on ““you HAVE to read this”

  1. Reading isn’t a bad thing. Learning isn’t a bad thing, all successful revolutions had histories of popular education behind them. However, these movement all had the element of popular in their education. Popular education is a social process, in which people each other as a group. Form is probably as important as content here. Reading the greatest work of revolutionary theory in isolation user that important. Reading a mediocre work as part of a democratic space and discussing it is much more valuable.

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