national formations: urgency vs. patience

There are two competing ways of seeing the radicalization’s trajectory: one is the idea that the changes which are happening to people are long-term and everything leaves a permanent, or lasting, mark. This would mean that, if we don’t connect with radicalizing people now, we can easily just find them later.

The other vision is the more dynamic one, of use-it-or-lose-it. This idea is that people who radicalize, unless they are integrated into a radical community or organization at the time of their radicalization, may soon fizzle. People with Left sentiment who get burned by Left failures, disappointed hopes, or simply not being integrated into an organized effort, may de-politicize, or more dangerously, can even turn Right.

To be clear — I think BOTH these descriptions are true. Consciousness and radicalization are both lasting and dynamic. The second one being true, though, is why I have a sense of urgency of focusing on national formations now-not-later. We need to at least try to form a Left which lives up to the hopes and anger of the radicalizing masses, or we discredit ourselves in their eyes and we lose them. (Its first requirement: it must exist.)


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