Anarcho-statism versus neoreaction


Anarcho-statism is the opposite of neoreaction, point for point.

Neoreaction believes in capitalism because it is authoritarian; anarcho-statists either reject capitalism or believe in it because it is libertarian.

In general they are socially regressive and we tend to be socially progressive.

Neoreaction is interested in new/old weird, innovative forms of the state; anarcho-statists also share this interest, in the exact opposite direction.

Neoreaction believes in Exit, where tensions within the state are relieved by splitting the state into smaller and smaller fiefdoms, but letting it stay authoritarian, and if people don’t like one place they can individually go to another; anarcho-statists believe in solving problems by using Voice, in a collective discussion process in a direct-democratic state.

Neoreaction believes in states run like a corporation, by a small aristocratic board of directors. Anarcho-statists believes in a state owned, controlled, and even staffed by everyone more radically than ever before. 

Anarcho-statism could tolerate the existence of a democratic world-state, and even welcome it; neoreaction is categorically opposed to it.

Neoreaction believes in resolving our society’s contradiction between liberty and slavery by choosing pure slavery and hierarchy; anarcho-statists resolve the same contradiction by choosing pure liberty and equality.

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