Think for yourself

think for yourself


“Sooner or later each of us must take the step that separates him from his father, from his mentors; each of us must have some cruelly lonely experience — ”  Demian, Hermann Hesse

How can we have a movement of self-organization and self-liberation, when most of the Left groups today are based on telling people what to think and getting them to conform to a cookie-cutter party line?

These things are opposites. A real “nerve-center of the working class” would be a place of free questioning, exchange, and cooperative learning — probably within the bounds of a socialist or labor perspective, but beyond that, no rules. Help people understand the different models, and encourage them to think for themselves. Don’t give one perspective from the front of the room, and then have the discussion revolve around delineating its specifics; host open debates! It must be a truly open-ended process.

A living mind is not frozen in place, it is a being of continual transformation.

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