Material reality is uneven


One of the most brutal, yet defining traits of material reality is unevenness.  This is because the quantitative distribution of particles or other quantitative amounts is often chaotic and random, thus asymmetric.  (This makes material reality the opposite of Idealism, where the Absolute Idea is one undifferentiated Being.)

At the atomic chemical level, unevenness and asymmetry create the action potentials which cause things to move and change.  Often in human romance there is one partner who needs the other person more than the other way around — a reminder that the asymmetric trait of material reality is the embodiment of nature’s brutal indifference, as opposed to human hopes.

This phenomenon is reflected also in human societies.  The starting spontaneous distribution of power in a society is often chaotic and random, therefore uneven, and therefore hierarchical.  As 1970s feminist Jo Freeman explained, spontaneous structurelessness  is not equality, but actually tyranny.

This means that hierarchy is the spontaneous order of society and really any group, political organization, or social situation.  Equality and democracy, on the other hand, require conscious intentional planning, agreed articulated rules, and even what you might call social engineering.

This does not mean that equality is worse or somehow inorganic.  What it means is that hierarchy is the lowest, simplest stage of social evolution, and equality is the best, highest, and most complex.


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