rant against SJWs

so i’ve been watching for the last year or so, without much comment, you spiral deep into a seriously awful identity politics on pretty much every front. and when people speak out against it you pretty much just bait them for what race or gender they are, which is the most fucking cowardly dodging of the debate possible. attack racists, not white people. attack homophobes, not straight people. there is more support for LGBT rights among straight people than literally ever before.

like if you just want to be a baby who emotionally lashes out with really edgy statements, fine. if you actually want to build a strategy that ends oppression, you build alliances with the maximum amount of people possible.

it’s shit like this that pushes a great deal of the working class away from the Left and from supporting oppressed demographics. you label them as the enemy when they are not even part of the problem, and they would probably sympathize with you (or already do) if you just explained the situation using facts and level-headed communication.  some don’t, but many are worth a try.

you may think “oh fuck it, it doesn’t make a difference” but actually it makes a tremendous difference. this kind of politics is the same old shit that has defined the Left for decades, since the 60s, and basically one of the key reasons the Left is still weak.

yeah, you can ignore doing what actually works, and keep twisting any pain you’ve been caused into some lame excuse to hate an entire group, which is the exact identical thing your enemies do. get right.


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