Doomsday: “how people really react in a crisis”

I listened to an awesome podcast about a guy who survived several disasters, including the West Virgina chemical spill.

This is the original site, if you want to download it.

The guy in this podcast said that, in his first disaster, people were mobbing stores on literally the next day, and in the case of the chemical spill, the stores were mobbed and order was breaking down on the very same day.  This makes me reassess my procurement strategy.  Apparently, the first few days, the procurement spots (grocery stores, convenience stores) will be completely mobbed, and a very bad place to be (unless you’re rolling with a crew and are ready to tell all the customer-hopefuls to piss off and get out of your way while you load up on stuff).

So procurement spots will be more something you should pick through after the initial rush has collapsed, to scrounge for whatever food people did not grab.  Often people will be fighting over a critical resource like water, or more probably, gasoline.  They might, or probably will, neglect all the other useful supplies there at first.

Unfortunately this reality, of stores mobbed from day one, signifies that your initial storage is perhaps a lot more critical than I hoped.

But also note that whoever leaves their home, as stated in the podcast, should expect to be robbed.

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