Sincere Holiday Thank-You to Readers & the Future

Apparently this blog has gotten almost 10,000 views per year over the last two years. The intensity has definitely dropped since I’ve transitioned into more engaged, collective political projects, and more clearly defined each of my quirky areas of interest into distinct, specific things — CUSP, North Star (which I now edit? — we all know I’m never one to decline a seat of authority), “anarcho-statism,” and some kind of open-source form of politicized religion in the works?? Okay now I really sound crazy — but I think we all know we’re never going to pull socialism off without an Antichrist-Messiah who will save us from capitalism.  (Good news — I don’t think it’s me!  Or, not most of the time.  No really, the role hops between people — more later.  Okay, it’s actually Kshama Sawant and Daenerys Targaryen.  Also, I tell jokes.)

But thank you to everyone who has ever given me a chance. I know I have definitely stirred certain hornet’s nests, questioned ideas that some people hold sacrosanct, and veered off in directions which seem irrelevant and insane. Your courage and consideration, in the face of my strangeness, keeps me going.

However, to quote the master, “Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.” This blog/my political work is not fizzling out in some cloud of dispersion and aimlessness.  (For anyone wondering where my book ideas went, I decided it’s more important to engage in projects of collective dialogue than concentrate my effort into self-centered monologues — probably part of the reason this blog has fallen off, too.)

Rather, the divergent paths of socialist unification, mass electoral politics, open thought and criticism, and direct democracy will ultimately rejoin in a synthesizing, concrete organizational form which embodies them all.  It may take time to prepare, it may not happen tomorrow.  I may have to take a hiatus stretching the better part of a year because I’m joining the Dark Side.  But it will be an attempt worthy of the name, and it will be worth it even if it fails. Fucking HOLD ME TO IT!

Solstice blessings be upon you from both the New Gods of the Light and Hope of the returning Sun, and the Old Gods who are older by far, devouring human souls in this greatest Darkness and Cold when our corner of the earth is most plunged into Void. Everyone who has engaged with my method and my madness is appreciated, the whole spectrum from influences to followers, supporters to critics, admirers to — most importantly — haters, oh yes, their aggravation is so honey-sweet, the greatest reward of all.

But seriously, I’m not dead, mostly thanks to all of you.  The best — or at least, the most interesting, as Nietzsche would clarify, is yet to come.

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