Focusing our practical activity

Since we are beginning as an online network, the transition to practical activity is going to be hard.

When you are in a tough situation, the best thing to do is focus your efforts, so that no effort is wasted.

This type of focusing Is not fun because it means making tough choices and cutting out options – the exact opposite of what an open-ended party like us would want to do.  In fact, we are in such a tough starting situation, that it might make sense for our practical activity to focus entirely on one thing.

Let’s face it – we cannot remotely compare to other Left groups in terms of our ability to start issue-based campaigns, or to call demonstrations.

Does this mean that we should never participate in these things?  Of course not.  It’s just a matter of how.

In our case, it might be best to let the other groups do the work of organizing those things (which also, essentially, lets them take the credit for leading them, and denies us that – a loss we’ll have to live with for now).  We can show up and provide extra bodies.  We can mix with the crowds and get to know people.  We can let our soft participation in the movements educate us about how stuff gets done and also the details of the day’s political issues.  And, in our electoral work, we can take up the demands of these movements as part of our campaign platforms.

But what is the rest of the Left – NOT doing?  What is the missing key ingredient that is so badly needed?


This is the main thing our party was founded to do, in addition to having a framework which is democratic, accessible, tolerant of disagreements, and which utilizes the power of social media.

We can still be a party of movements.  We can just be flexible about the demands we place on ourselves in being such.

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