Challenging Ourselves to Kick Ass

What drives me to be organized and keep up an organization’s momentum is that I keep a continual awareness of how other people perceive my efforts.  That’s what challenges me to keep shit going.

If i wasn’t a member, how would I judge it?  Looking at it totally mercilessly — would I laugh and move on?  Are we an embarrassment?  Maybe we are, and if we are, we should use that embarrassment as fuel to do better.

Does the group look sloppy, or poorly-organized?  Would I see that it has good intentions, but poor execution?  Can we gear up and create divisions of labor and reminder systems to fix that?

Does it look like it’s going anywhere?  If it doesn’t, do we need to re-evaluate our current approach?  Do we need to use our imaginations and intuitions to find a path that brings us closer to our goals while tapping into real existing possibilities and forces?

Does it look like it’s progressing?  Are we stagnating?  How do we take what we’ve established, and scale it up to the next level?  If you’re not continually hungry to keep things expanding, well, why the fuck aren’t you?!

Does it look like a democracy, with multiple voices in a dialogue generating ideas and directions?  If not, do I need to broaden the scope of it to include more deviation?  Do I need to simply raise issues to address instead of immediately starting off with my ideas of how to fix things?

Does it look like it has drifted from its original stated purpose?  Wait — what was the original purpose?!  Remind yourself!  Can we bring it back to focus?  What would we have to de-emphasize to do that?

The key is not just, getting people to do things…it’s getting other people to get other people to do things, with increasingly exponential layers in concentric circles with yourself at the core.

Being able to get other people organized requires you to be highly organized and articulate, yourself.  But that’s a good thing.  Being the greatest victim of your own ambition and perfectionism creates group momentum beyond yourself and is extremely empowering.

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